Curriculum - Specialist

At St Andrews Primary School we are blessed to have access to a range of skilled teachers and contemporary resources. Each week, students enjoy Music, STEM, Drama, Art and Japanese classes as well as gardening and cooking throughout the year. 

Our Music Program is widely celebrated within our area. Our Music Specialist, Kyle, takes the time to get to know our students individual interests and strengths, and builds bands that are simply phenomenal! They practise multiple times a week and have recurring performances throughout the year. Our band night is always a highlight!

We are fortunate to be the base school for the regions MARC STEM program. Chan educated our students in the areas of Science, Technolody, Engineering and Maths in an engaging and fun way. This is a relatively knew program so the students are able to use the most current coding equiptnemt and we are buliding the resource bank every day. In 2019, students we will be using a Landcare Grant to plan, and develop an Indegenous Food, Fibre and Medicine Garden. We look forward to seeing what the children and Chan can achieve here. You can keep up to date with the STEM activities on our STEM blog here.

Students at St Andrews have enjoyed learning Japanese this year. Our Japanese Teacher, Kerry Barrett, is an engaging and active teacher, emersing our students in song, story and culture. Our students are proud to have already learned so much Japanese this year and cannot wait to continue this journey. 

We also have a well stocked Art room that allows students to explore a broad range of art forms including clay work, printing, painting, fine art and more. We have a new Art teacher this year that is bursting with enthusiasm and excited to work with student interests and community skills to continue to develop our students abilities weekly. 

Students take part in a wide range of sporting activites throughout the year. We have an extensive Interschool Sports Program that the 4-6 students take part in throughout the year and we have regular visiting specialist teacher who take sessions in sports such as football, gymnastics, tennis and netball throughout the year thanks to the Sporting in Schools Program. Each Friday you'll see our School Captains leading our students out in the yard enjoying whole school sports as well, something fun that everyone looks forward to. 

Thanks to the kind parents in our community, students also get opportunitites each year to develop their skills in the area of gardening and cooking. Our vegetable garden and fruit trees are certainly a sight to behold and the students cooking creations are creative and delicious.